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The 7424th SUPPRON

The 7424th Support Squadron not only continued the base housekeeping and maintenance responsibilities but also supported a growing list of tenant organizations that were assigned to Birkenfeld Air base.

Among those assigned were the following:  German Air Force ATC Detachment (1959-1962); 7100th Support Group; Rhein Control; O/L #1, 807th TCS(1958); O/L #3, Det. 2, 31 Weather Sq.; O/L #10, 603rd AC&W Sq.; O/L #11, 615th AC&W Sq.; Det. #1, 17th AF; 1233rd AACS Sq; 2133rd AFCS Sq.; 2184th AFCS Sq., Det #1; 7030th ABW, Det. #1.

Other tenant organizations may have been assigned, but the unit designations are unknown.  If you have copies of orders indicating other organizations, please share with the Birkenfelder Reunion Association Search Committee.

On 1 July 1962, control of Birkenfeld Air Base was passed to the 615th A C & W Sq. when it moved from Pruem, Germany to Birkenfeld

Commanders of Birkenfeld Air Base for the 7424th were:  Maj. Harry D. Bogan (1 July 1958-Aug 1858); Maj. James E. Lunsford (Aug 1959-Jan 1960); Capt. Loren S. Hubbard (Jan 1960-8 Feb 1960); Maj. Robert A. Alger (8 Feb 1960-1 July 1962).

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